Why Have Your Rolex Serviced By Haypennie Jewelers?

At Haypennie Jewelers, we offer what many would argue is the best after sales service in the USA for these beautiful Rolex timepieces. Our expert technician has decades of experience in the industry and is considered one of the area’s leading experts in Rolex Repair and Maintenance. Our servicing is done using the best and most advanced Rolex tools, testing equipment and genuine Rolex manufactured parts. In only a week’s time, your exquisite Rolex timepiece will look and run like it did when it was brand new! At Haypennie Jewelers, we treat your investment in your image with full dignity and respect.

Haypennie Jewelers Complete Servicing Service

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Cleaning – We’ll have each part of the watch movement ultrasonically cleaned, degreased and inspected to reveal signs of excessive wear.
Polish – We polish and refinish the watch case and bracelet to remove blemishes or scratches. Additionally, we will restore the factory finish. Image: Haypennie Jewelers, Rolex Service
Lubricate – Every moving part is lubricated to ensure that all essential parts of the movement last and work efficiently throughout their expected life cycle.
Timing Test – We don’t only clean your watch, but test it to ensure it keeps precise time. Our two day test evaluates the timekeeping, and adjustments are made when needed to ensure the accuracy you’ve come to expect with Rolex.
Pressure Test – We provide waterproofing tests, and replace all gaskets and seals. This is done to ensure your watch meets Rolex factory specifications.
Estimated Turnaround Time:
3 Weeks
5-6 Weeks

Haypennie Jewelers Polishing Service – Call For Pricing

Haypennie Jewelers offers the highest grade polishing and refinishing services available for your Rolex watch case and bracelet. Our technicians use only the finest polishing tools and equipment to help return your watch to good-as-new condition. We only use factory trained polishers to ensure that your timepiece is polished to factory grade quality.

  • We are able to Polish Gold, Platinum and Steel Cases and Bracelets.
  • Multiple finishes are available depending on your taste.
  • Our average turnaround time is three business days.